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dry ice

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Dry ice is environ-
mentally friendly

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Ice Field Dry Ice

Engineering GmbH

Industriepark Hoechst
65926 Frankfurt / Main

Tel.: +49 69 - 30 55 24 00

Advantages of dry ice cleaning

Little or no interruption to production. No disposal of blasting material. Gentle, non-abrasive cleaning. Effective and affordable methodology. The cleaned machines or surfaces can be put back into production immediately. No chemicals are used, making it very environmentally friendly. A non-polluting dry cleaning method.

Varied applications

The positive characteristics of dry ice cleaning make it suitable for almost any application. Here are just some examples showing how varied the application possibilities are and on which machines and production systems dry ice can be used to remove impurities:

Sector Application areas
Automotive industry/Classic cars Paintshops, welding and bonding production lines, bitumen, anti-corrosion agents, sealing material
Tin printing Drying furnaces, conveyor chains for industrial drying systems
Fire and building restoration Walls, graffiti, soot and grease
Chemical industry Driers, enamel containers, drying kilns, boilers, bottling plants
Printing industry Printing machines, offset printing, reel fed printing
Energy suppliers Heat exchangers, turbines, generators, boilers, filters, transformers
Foundries Moulds and flasks
Rubber industry Moulds, machinery
Food industry Production lines, baking lines, baking ovens, smoke ovens, cooling chambers, packing plants
Aviation industry Coatings, gear components, aeroplane interior
Oil industry Tanks, pipelines, pumps, welding seams
Pharmaceutical industry Boilers, tanks, production systems
Ship building Engine rooms, tanks, welding seams, propellers, pre-treatment of surface treatments