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dry ice

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Dry ice is environ-
mentally friendly

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Ice Field Dry Ice

Engineering GmbH

Industriepark Hoechst
65926 Frankfurt / Main

Tel.: +49 69 - 30 55 24 00

Materials that can be particularly well removed

Using dry ice ensures efficient, high quality cleaning of a wide variety of components, machines and systems. Sensitive and delicate surfaces are cleaned thoroughly, with great care. Used in cleaning processes, dry ice displays solvent-like characteristics and is therefore also suitable for degreasing surfaces. The process is particularly effective in removing resins, bitumen, grease, lubricants and separating agents. The dry ice pellets dissolve completely after use, leaving only the removed impurities. No cleaning agent residues are left on the cleaned surfaces.

There are no further processing and drying times, and system downtimes are reduced.