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dry ice

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Dry ice is environ-
mentally friendly

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Ice Field Dry Ice

Engineering GmbH

Industriepark Hoechst
65926 Frankfurt / Main

Tel.: +49 69 - 30 55 24 00

What can we do for you?

Industrial impurities can have a damaging effect. We, on the other hand, optimise your production processes. Our objective is a targeted use of state-of-the-art methods.

For a first discussion, arrange an appointment with us for an individual consultation at your site.

Your needs will be carefully considered on site by our experienced personnel to produce a cleaning plan tailored to your desires.

Our results will win you over.

If necessary, we perform a pilot cleaning of your machines or systems. This is used to draft an individual cleaning programme. You get to see our cleaning results on site at your own machines, which minimises risks for you, and guarantees success.

We reduce your downtimes. Cleaning is carried out at the times that best suit your operating schedules, hence our cleaning services are naturally available on Sundays and public holidays as well.

Aiming to offer you the best possible service, we work only with highly-qualified and committed personnel, enabling us to react quickly and flexibly in an emergency.

How does cleaning with dry ice work?

1. Kinetic:

Using compressed air, the dry ice pellets are accelerated to the speed of sound and hit the impurities.

2. Thermal:

The low temperature of the dry ice pellets (-79°C) causes the impurities to become brittle, creating cracks in the impurity, removing it from the surface.

3. Sublimation:

The dry ice pellets dissolve completely upon impact and become gaseous again.

4. Residues:

The removed dirt particles can then simply be vacuumed or swept up, avoiding the disposal costs of conventional blasting agents.