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dry ice

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Dry ice is environ-
mentally friendly

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Ice Field Dry Ice

Engineering GmbH

Industriepark Hoechst
65926 Frankfurt / Main

Tel.: +49 69 - 30 55 24 00

Production of the pellets

CO2 (also commonly called carbonic acid) is transformed into white, -79° Centigrade cold snow using a special method. This carbon dioxide snow is then compressed mechanically at high pressure into the desired shape to produce the required dry ice pellets.

Dry ice sales

Besides cleaning, dry ice pellets are also used in other areas with great success.
Dry ice has taken on an important role in transport cooling for products whose cooling chain must not be interrupted, including food, chemical and pharmaceutical products. Dry ice is indispensable in the catering sector, and is often used in show business for special effects. Dry ice is also used for cold shrink fitting of materials and freezing of pipes.

Manufacture and delivery:

We supply our dry ice in the form of pellets.

Your order is quickly and reliably delivered to your desired address, or can also be collected directly from our factory on request.
The requested dry ice is produced with state-of-the-art dry ice machines on the same day as dispatch and packed in special boxes with optimal insulation and high stability.

The dry ice pellets are available in various packaging quantities.