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dry ice

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Dry ice is environ-
mentally friendly

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Ice Field Dry Ice

Engineering GmbH

Industriepark Hoechst
65926 Frankfurt / Main

Tel.: +49 69 - 30 55 24 00

Let us introduce ourselves

Ice Field was founded as a service provider in 1998. Our core competence lies in the specialised cleaning and maintenance of production machinery. Using dry ice or high pressure water blasting methods, we are able to clean production systems from top to bottom. These cleaning methods are innovative, gentle on surfaces and environmentally friendly.

Ice Field manufactures, uses and distributes its own dry ice for cleaning. This means that we are not dependent on suppliers and can personally guarantee the freshness and quality of our dry ice pellets.

Numerous businesses already use our fast and high-value cleaning method. We generate solutions that perfectly optimise and automate our cleaning processes and integrate them in your company processes. Top quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. For this reason, our service is individually tailored to your needs at all times.

Thanks to a winning combination of individual advice, the use of state-ofthe- art technology and the commitment of our practiced, experienced team, we achieve optimal results for our customers.